Sunday, 24 November 2019

4 years later

I used to write a lot on this blog, unfortunately blogs have pretty much gone extinct.

9 years on after my first commercial flight, I still love the job. It is an incredible office, and while a few frustrated people would like you to think it isn't, most of my colleagues love what they do.
The numerous downsides are mostly outside of what happens in the cockpit. Commuting, time away from family, unhealthy lifestyle (while at work), ...

My latest Youtube video: Life in the Sky

Here are a couple of quotes from Youtuber Casey Neistat:
 - There’s two things in life that really define who you are as a person, that really shape who you are as a person: there’s education, and there’s experience. And when it comes to experience, there’s the kind that you pursue, like a trip. And then there’s the kind of experience that just happens to you. And those experiences, they have a huge impact on who you are, and they affect who you are for the rest of your life.
 - Give people the benefit of the doubts, assume that they’re being good, assume that they’re being positive, the alternative is to being a negative cynical person
- If you put in the time to work hard at being positive and being optimistic, it’s a much better life, but it does take more work
 - Every once in a while, when things get really good, you just stop and look around, and pay really close attention and say : “I’m gonna remember this moment"
 - Never look back and wish you had done things differently, look forward and think: “What can I do now, to affect my future?"

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