Sunday, 13 December 2009

End of lectures, mock exams week

I must say, that went fast, really fast!
We are done with the lectures for the seven first subjects. Tomorrow is the first day of the mock exams week, which aims at getting an idea of how well we'll perform on the real exam, and whether we should go to Gatwick for that particular exam. We still have two weeks holidays starting this friday, and hopefully we'll be fully ready in three weeks time to pass the CAA exams in London Gatwick.

The sun dared to show up for the very first time in a month last thursday. Almost as good on friday, I took my camera with me and went on to the apron just before the first lecture, and how surprised was I to catch this superb Falcon 20 from FRAviation on his take-off run poping out of the fog a few yards before passing the sun! Kind of magic really!

We also got a chance to fly the FNPT2 simulator used for MCC training, and see how tricky can ILS approaches be. It certainly helps keeping an eye on the final goal, which has a boosting effect in these tough days ..

Well, I think it's time to get back to studies, a fair amount of work has already been done, but we are not on holidays, yet.


Anonymous said...

Nutella addict !!

Arnaud :)

LJ35 said...

Ho, du nutella ! :-)

Bon courage pour les examens blancs !

Anonymous said...

haha trop drôle, t'as même choisi une photo de fond d'écran avant de prendre la photo :D

Anonymous said...