Saturday, 6 March 2010

Night Rated and Magical Sunset Views

Another small step forward, I got my Night Rating on wenesday night after my second solo flight and a fifth stop-and-go landing.
I did it on the Cessna 172, which takes a little getting used to, but is a nice plane to fly.

If the weather permits it (after the awesome blue sky we had all the previous days, I really hope it'll be alright), I should fly this afternoon my first pre-CPL solo nav on the PA28.

I backseated yesterday on the PA28, taken around Bournemouth and enjoying an awesome sunset over Poole Bay (the town next door), and then up to Salisbury further North. It makes us almost forget that we are still doing the ATPL theory and that the next and last 7 exams are in just 4 weeks time.



Kayte said...

I love the pictures. Like I always do. The sunset in amazing, the colors are so pretty. You should start studying for you exams, so we don't have you freaking out again the night before. You're so lucky to get to backseat on a plane and sorry you didn't get to go flying this weekend.

LJ35 said...

Congrats ! :-)

Nice pics...