Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The most beautiful American Airliner

“Allo, my name is L. from ..., may I speak to ...... .....?”,
“We’re please to let you know you have been successful in our selection process”.
The very friendly lady then told me I will be starting the Type Rating course on the Boeing 737NG this automn.
I have dreamed of such a call for years, the Boeing 737NG has always fascinated me, and this is just about to become real.

Thank you all of you who have showed your support.

I took the assessment recently and as any selection process, most didn't pass. I feel sorry for them, but I guess this is all part of the game.
I prepared a lot for it, spent hours and hours going through the entire ATPL books, I prepared for the simulator assessment and I think it all worked out pretty well on the D-day as I have never flown such a great flight before and I did my best CRM (surely the flights on the Kingair did help a lot on this side of things).

Looking forward to flying the most beautiful American airliner,

Airborne life continues...


Erwan said...

You must be so happy and so proud aswell!!!

Bonne continuation, bons vols et encore félicitations!!

On attend tous (moi en tout cas ;-)), les billets de te rotations avec pleins de belles photos pour continuer de faire rêver ceux qui sont dans au début de l'ascension vers une place droite!!


Rich said...

Congratulations, a big well done!

Air France One said...

Bravo et bonne continuation !

PS : je préfère le 747 ;-)

Juliette.Fox-trot said...

Félicitation, ça fait plaisir pour toi.

americanflyyer said...

WOW, congratulations!

I'm speechless and kinda jealos right now. I'll need another six months or so to finish up my fATPL (just took the first eight exams at Gatwick in June).
Again, Congrats!! What a great day for you.

Elijah said...

I have been following your blog for years! I wish you all the best and I am actually really happy for you!
Good on you!
If I ever happen to fly this carrier (if it is the one shown on the picture), I will pay attention to the pilot's names.. :)

FedericoScarpa said...

Well done buddy!
I've been following your blog for about one year, and I'm so happy for your success :D
I wish I could do this awesome job in the future :)

Rayan14 said...

Bravo!!! Si j'ai bien compris, c'est bon, tu as passe l'ultime épreuve pour être pilote de ligne. Tu dois nager dans le bonheur..
Et comme le dit Erwan, continue ton blog pour nous motiver, nous, qui sommes encore très, très loin de ce moment.

PS: c'est quelle compagnie?

Steffan said...

That is awesome!
I find your blog to be hugely inspiring, so I'm very happy for you.

Mika33 said...

Well done.
How many time during the flight?


Jun said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy to hear great news:)
Thanks for sharing the training experience to the world!
Have a great day!