Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flying Across Europe (video)

Because pictures speak louder than words!
Watch on Youtube ( for better quality (HD - 1080p 60fps).


Jun said...

Thank you so much for sharing beautiful video. This is indeed my dream.

Madeleine said...

Hi GolfCharlie232,
I'm a huge fan of yours. Love all the videos and the photos you post :) I fly privately myself (Cirrus SR 22 and PA-28) and I'm also a student pilot for Lufthansa German Airlines. It is very motivating for a young person like me to keep on following my dreams knowing how awesome your daily life is going to be once your start working. Thanks for that!
Unfortunately in Germany we are not able to watch your newest video on youtube. Could you maybe upload it on your website or send it to me? That would be awesome!
Greets from Germany

Consumer said...

Nice video.. Keep them coming!


Sander Ruscigno said...

Nice video

Madeleine said...

Thanks for the tip! It worked out :) My favorite video so far. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing :)

Franck said...

Magnifique vidéo, comme toujours, Marc.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved it! Thanks alot for sharing. The dream goes on ;)

KP said...

Thank you GC232.. You make my day everytime i read a post. I myself am going for my 738 training soon. so, its good to see whats to come.
One question though.
In the "flying across Europe" video, i saw "Afterburners ON" on FMS. Are there afterburners on your 737 800??

DHMaNiAc96 said...

Hello budy.First of all I would like to thank you for keeps us updated and uploading all that awasome videos and also say that I am a big fun of yours!!!!!!But can you please tell me a few things about what is needed to become a pilot and what course would i have to follow ;)

DHMaNiAc96 said...

emm...ok.First of all I live in Greece but I really dont hesitate going abroad for studies etc.Secondly aviation is maybe something I like the most and to tell you the truth I can fly up to a professional level the 737 NGX at the simulator,fully communicate with atc,and read charts.The more detail you give the more you help me =)))) thnx a lot.Happy flights

DHMaNiAc96 said...

hmm...I can see your point but I dont just like aviation,Its my passion and even more.Recently I had a domestic flight and I was so happy entering a plane for the first time.Moreover I have almost made a full cockpit simulator and i am an active IVAO member with more than 280 hours loged in and have already 'virtually' taken my PPL and going for CPL ;)Anyways,I am looking forward for you reply =) and also tell me,how did u became pilot =D.

Anonymous said...

golfcharlie232, Can you tell me what aircraft was it in the video, whose FMS shows "afterburners ON" ?

Xavier Cotton said...

Thank you to share this video with us.
really nice.

Anonymous said...

Hiiiiii I'm jinming from china .
I wanted to ask you some questions about aviation . You seems to be almost an expert now ; My question is not about flying an airplane .
I would like to learn how to seduce a pilot , I have been actively looking for some around me recently but i think i need some useful advices as my technic is not really working (or not yet )
Please give me your opinion asap , I really look forward finding a cute man (like you) to make me FLYYYYYYYYYY .

Kiss , Your lovely chinese (sex)friend .

Ps : le com du grec pro sur FSX , j'ai failli y laisser mes zigomatiques ...

Thomas M said...

Super Vidéo comme toujours!

D'ailleurs j'ai écris un post sur mon blog ou j'explique en autre que tes videos sont pour moi une source de motivation dans les moments difficiles de ma formation.


Thomas M

merlin54 said...

Hi Golfcharlie323!
Thanks for a nice pictures and movies. It is also nice to see that somebody in this world has exactly the same opinion about aviation and pilot career.
I am doing my training as well, flying hours to CPL. I started when I was 16 years old, from parachute jumps, then gliders. I am missing them a lot now, but I will come back to them as soon as I finish my training. They are the best. After that was a PPL and now hours building.
I know how hard is to save money and spend them all for flying. I wish one day I could fly as a pilot without paying for it.
I guess we work for the same company, so maybe one day I will meet you on briefing.
Thanks again.
see you.