Saturday, 7 September 2013

Good night Amsterdam

Good night Amsterdam (The Netherlands). To the left is Utrecht, in the background right on the shoreline you have The Hague and to the left of it Rotterdam. In the distance, you can probably spot Antwerp (Belgium) and behind it slightly to the left, that would be Brussels but you cannot see it in this photo.

Schiphol airport (AMS/EHAM) is the brightest spot on this photo, right on the middle of the frame, just behind the city slightly to the right. The bright parts being the terminals, you cannot see the runways.


capnaux said...

Beautiful pic!

Thanks for pointing out the highlights! Like I used to tell my dad how to spot the airport in the midst of the metropolitan lights: it's the only dark spot in the city!

dabeliu_y said...

Hey Matthew where are you now?

dabeliu_y said...

Hi Matthew where are you now?