Sunday, 16 August 2009

So, what's the plan?

At first, there were like several thousands possible plans, and picking one out of the pool without thinking twice wouldn't've been a good idea.
After many hours spent on PPRuNe, Aeronet and several brochures downloaded and ordered, I was left with a choice between two ground schools, both based on Bournemouth Airport. I moved from Bristol to Bournemouth a month and a half ago, and I start thinking that wasn't much of a silly idea !

I visited Cabair and BCFT last wednesday and finally chose the latter.
The ground school starts on 5th October, which leaves me with about 6 weeks working at the Cornish Bakehouse Ltd (the job is pretty boring, hopefully time'll go by quickly). I'll then have to attend 5 days a week the ATPL, the last exams being on 9th April.

To start the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence), I've got to reach 150 hours of flying of which 100 must be flown as a PIC (pilot in command). As the fares are a lot lower in the US, I'll do my hoursbuilding there, most probably in San Diego, California.
That's a great opportunity to fly in a different environment, on long distance flights and landing on very busy airports. Not to mention the awesome californian weather ...

However, I haven't decided yet whether I'll do my CPL and IR with BCFT.
Wherever I train, I'll get a CPL and a multi-engine Instrument Rating, IR-ME, required to fly airliners.

To get fully employable, I'll have to add the MCC (Multi-crew course) that aims at learning how to split the tasks between the two pilots (i.e. : the First Officer, and the Captain). This is usually completed on a simulator that mirrors a jet or a real airliner. As the airline recruitment involves a sim assessment, I think I'll do my MCC on a full-motion simulator, most possibly a B737 or Airbus type.

Last but not least, the Type Rating. Basically. It's a course that trains to handle a particular aircraft (can be anything from the Beech 1900D up to the Airbus A320, B757, ...), know about its systems, and leads on to 6 take-offs and landings on the 'real' aircraft.

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LJ35 said...

Déjà un deuxième billet ! Bravo, continue comme ça ! :-)