Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Class 1 medical done, ready for the big start

Two weeks ago, I was on a small trip to London Gatwick airport to take my Class 1 medical examination by the British CAA. Actually, small is not that much appropriate, being on a bus for 9 hours in a day is pretty long, isn't it?
This CAA medical examination is mandatory for anyone wishing to become an airline pilot. It is known for being severe and quite tough, although the UK administration has a less strict reputation than this of France.
The whole trip was a complete nightmare thanks to the terrible british bus network, the first coach didn't even make it to its final destination and I ended up taking the London underground, missed my second bus and took ... a train.
I finally got my medical certificate, meaning I now have everything needed in order to start training.

I went back to the school last week with a future classmate, Arnaud from France, we had a tour of the simulators, aircraft and facilities. It all looks great and I can't wait to get started.

The school owns a range of planes from the aerobatic two seater Marchetti SF260 to the Cessna 172, PA28 Archer, complex single engine PA28 Arrow V (for the CPL), and three twin engine Beechcraft Be-76 Duchess (for the IR and ME). They also have two Be-76 simulator along with a simulator that mirrors a Cessna Citation Jet for the MCC (multi crew coordination) and the JOC (Jet Operation Course).


LJ35 said...

"It is known for being severe and quite tough" )> Are you kidding ? The UK class 1 is a joke compared to the french one !

kayte_g123 said...

Glad to hear you survived your class 1 medical. Your "smal" trip sounds tough. great post.