Sunday, 14 February 2010

Night Flying

There won't be much to say for once since the pictures speak quite nicely for themselves.

I did my night navigation last tuesday : Bournemouth EGHH - Tarrent Rushton (entry/departure waypoint) - Dorchester (town on the coastline) - Blandford (small town in the middle of nowhere) - Stoney Cross (crossing both Southampton and Bournemouth axis) - Lymington - Bournemouth EGHH.
Tonight was circuits day, I backseated two flights and did the third one, ending up with total of 3 hours in the plane, doing 18 landings. I did as P2 a bit less than an hour and 6 touch-and-goes, simulating different lighting failures, onboard electric failure, too low / too steep approaches, etc ... It was quite fun!

Next week we've got the PT1 (Progress Tests) for the last 7 ATPL subjects.
I booked my flight to the States where i'll be building hours for 2months 1/2 in California on both single and twin engine aircraft (based in San Diego, CA).

Below is a picture of a Be-76 having trouble while landing. As a reminder of how safety is important in aviation and all our training, where we spend so much time learning how to cope with unexpected situations.


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Kayte said...

You're deffinatly right, the pictures can speak for themselves. They are absolutly amazing. And you'll love the states, you'll have a lot of fun. I'm glad you got to do your flight!