Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Some flying at Bournemouth EGHH

I'm still waiting to do my night solo but we are stuck on the ground at the moment, due to some very nasty weather. Here is the Taf for tonight : 231857Z 2319/2402 13005KT 4000 -RA BR FEW005 BKN009 (4km visi, light rain, mist, few clouds at 500ft, broken at 900 ft). And this is pretty much what we'll have all week and what we had everyday of last week.

I managed to record a video though when I did a backseat on the PA28, just before doing my circuits.

I also recorded some footage on the apron for about 20 minutes, it gives quite a good idea of how dense the traffic can be at times ...


Kayte said...

First off i would like too say that I'm sorry the weather hasn't been better. Hopefully it will get better soon so you can do your night solo. But you seem to have spent your time well, taking awsome video! Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will get better. And I hope you get to fly soon!

Anonymous said...

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Good luck for your ATPL!


PS:Si il y a des fautes nésite pas a me le dire. Tout est bon améliorer son anglais!;-)