Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Flight to Las Vegas - Part 1

I flew to North Las Vegas airport (KVGT) last wednesday as my parents were visiting the area.
I met them at the airport and we spent my birthday on the strip. What could be seen at first as expensive was actually really affordable.
The hotels are pretty cheap (they hope to take all your money when you go down to play in the Casinos), and ... I put $1 in a slot machine to give it a try and earned ... $40 !!
That's a good way to spend a night isn't it?
I was planning on flying with my parents to Grand Canyon, Page and Monument Valley on thursday but had to cancel due to a pretty bad weather in Northern Arizona and windy day in Las Vegas. That gave me plenty of time to spend in this incredible city with my parents.

For those interested, my flight plan from San Diego to North Las Vegas was:
KMYF (Montgomery Field) -> Julian VOR (JLI) via El Capitan Reservoir (no Class Bravo clearance, I picked up Flight Following a few miles before JLI on the usual 124.35) -> Thermal VOR (TRM) -> Twentynine Palms VOR (TNP) -> heading 028° direct Jotnu, a waypoint at an intersection between two VOR radials, to fly just in between the 2 MOA and East of the Restricted (R-2501) -> heading 005° direct Goffs VOR (GFS) -> Henderson, cleared through the Bravo airspace, and vectored overhead McCarran Airport, and vectored again for a right downwind entry at North Las Vegas, where I was passed onto North Las Vegas Tower -> landing runway 12R. My cruise altitude was 9500ft all the way to Las Vegas. 2h / 250nm flight.

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Joachim.Liedtke said...

Great Pics, and happy belated Birthday!!
Hope to get to Vegas during timebuilding, too.
I started a Blog myself, if you want you can visit it under I have no pictures yet, 'cause I'm busy with flying the airplane. But they will come soon.
Regards, Joachim