Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sedona (KSEZ)

700nm (1200km) of flight in the day, this is my longest up to date, and what a flight!
It wasn't particularly hard to plan, I simply chose to fly through the 3 VORs along the route (JLI Julian direct PKE Parker direct DRK Drake) and then follow a radial to my destination: Sedona KSEZ. Despite the flight being above the desert most of the time, there were some really nice sceneries, especially over the Colorado River south of Lake Havasu.

I had flight following all the way from San Diego, and on the way back they gave me the ATIS at Montgomery, got me cleared through the class Bravo, and passed me onto Montgomery TWR.
I took the Cessna 172-180 N9488G, which, with only me in, had a lot more power than needed. Climbing at 1000ft/min all the way up to 10,500ft to then fly at 130kt TAS, that's pretty impressive for a Cessna. At some point on the outbound flight, I had 150kt ground speed thanks to a light westerly wind. I greatly recommand Sedona Airport restaurant, especially the local meal with cactus and avocado.
Don't forget to check out the video on a post below.

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Kayte said...

Even though it was your longest flight it seems like it was yur easiest. Not hard to plan and things seemed to go well, whih is good I hope :) You took some great pics while flying ;)