Sunday, 1 August 2010

Flight across France

Back in France with a few more hours to build before starting the CPL, I chose to do a long nav across the country rather than flying around the area with pretty much nothing to see.
A friend to visit in Britanny, and there was my flight plan:
Castelsarrasin airfield (LFCX) -> Villeneuve sur Lot -> Bergerac -> Royan -> Oléron -> Les sables d'Olonne -> Ile de Ré (La Rochelle) -> La Tranche sur Mer -> La Baule -> Golfe du Morbihan -> Quiberon -> La Baule again for a night stop, and back in Castelsarrasin the following day.
I flew a total of 8h30, got refused as well as all the other VFR trafics in the area by the French ATC who are, seemingly, on strike, and had to fly outside all their Class Delta and Charlie airspaces.
I decided to do most of the shoreline flying at the minimum allowed altitude (500ft in France) instead, and that was a good chance to take some pics through the small window of my Cessna 150.

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Alex M. said...

Fort Boyard!!