Thursday, 12 August 2010

Jumpseat Airbus A319

Another chance to have a glimpse in the real world at what we've been learning all those days stuck in BCFT's classrooms.

In the meantime, I made my way to Bournemouth, UK and am now fully ready to start my CPL (Commercial Pilot License) on the Beechcraft Be-76 Duchess with PAT, Professional Air Training which probably is one of the best modular training provider in the UK.

I'm off to London tomorrow to renew my Class 1 medical and that should be it.


Sandra said...

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autour des nuages said...

They are top class your pilots. They can flight with all the screen off!!!

Rich said...

fantastic blog entry as always! do you manage to get jumpseat rides in the cockpit? best of luck in bournemouth

victor said...


First I'd like to say that your blog is amazing ! I'm 17 and I fly whenever I go back to France (I live in Dubai) in my flying club. Becoming an airline pilot is my dream since I'm a little boy...
I will be flying back to France in June from Dubai(on Air France) and I will later fly on three domestic lines (all AF and one on Regional). I simply wanted to ask you, since you are a pilot, what's the best way to ask the crew to jumpseat a flight? I can see from the pictures that you are a specialist on the matter! Even though I do not have a license to show yet, may be I can show my F.F.A card or even my medical certificate to the crew ?

Anyway, keep up the good job!
Et bons vols à toi !
Au fait, les photos sont superbes!

Ignacio said...

HI man, Great blog, been following you since a long time. I am now in the process of getting my ATPL ground course done, and also in the UK. However, I'd have to travel from Denmark to the UK by plane of course, and being a poor pilot.. it would be great to get a jumpseat (free ride).Is it possible to hitchhike without being a actual ATPL? Just with a CPL?

Thanks for your time