Saturday, 12 November 2011

From the jumpseat

Thrilling reward after four weeks of intense studies, I got to jumpseat a few flights, enjoy the incredible view and do some of the work (walkaround, PA - Passenger Announcements, and ATC communications).

This is not the average day at the office for a huge proportion of people on this planet.
Yet the job of an airline pilot comes with drawbacks, but some of its aspects like the view and the flying in itself are simply extraordinary.

Waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning doesn't look very attractive in the first place, now when it comes to relishing the sunrise over the Alps, this is worth living for.

Airborne life continues...


Kayou said...

Bon courage pour la fin de la qualif ! :o)

Elijah said...

Thank you for the stunning pictures.
Enjoy every single moment reading your blog, good job mate!
All the best!


Jun said...

Thank you for sharing wonderful story and photos!!!
Best wishes,

Rod said...

I came across your youtube channel via a post on Your videos and photos are absolutely stunning.

I look forward to future posts from you immensely!

-Rod @

Rob1 said...

Félicitation ! Bon courage pour la suite et superbe photos.