Saturday, 10 October 2009

ATPL - Fundation week

It's high time to give some update since the training has now started up.
We've just finished the so-called Fundation Week which aims at learning the basic of maths, general navigation and meteorology in order to be fully prepared for the next big step : the first 7 subjects of the ATPL.

The ATPL ? What does it stand for?
Basically, the ATPL, Airline Transport Pilot Licence is what we need to become commercial pilots.
We usually call the theoretical knowledge classes 'ATPL' although we should talk about ATPL Ground School instead.
At the end of the training, we will be issued with a Frozen ATPL (fATPL) that will be unfrozen after a certain amount of flying (1500hrs) and flying turbine-powered aircraft, thus fATPL refers to the 14 ATPL Ground School exams passed + CPL + IRME + MCC and possibly a Type Rating.

I'm not quite sure yet but the first 7 subjects should be :
  • Mass & Balance
  • Performance
  • Operational Procedures
  • Flight Planning & Monitoring
  • Principles of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance & Limitations
The first week went fairly well, with a great opportunity to meet the other trainee pilots, instructors, have a better insight of what's waiting for us next, etc ...
BCFT have small but proper good facilities, and we can backseat on a sim (short for simulator) or an aircraft anytime after the lectures or at week-ends. Hence the pictures ...

I flew on the right hand seat of a FNPT II simulator that mirrors the Beechcraft Be76 used for IR flight training. The pilot had his IR test the following day and hopefully passed.
We did a Bournemouth-Cardiff flight on IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) with 150m visibily and 8/8 clouds - base at 400 ft.

Holding Pattern over Cardiff airfield, followed by a missed-approach procedure and a right engine failure right after. Landing just after sunset, we got the runway in sight when the GPWS indicated ... 50 ft !

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kayte_g123 said...

Looks like alot of hard work. Good luck and have fun. Great post!