Saturday, 17 October 2009

First Backseat Flight - PA28

Fourteen months after my last flight on a light aircraft, here I am back in the air !
And what a great feeling that was !

I and a friend of mine flew at the back of a Piper PA-28 161, the student pilot was doing his circuits training prior to first solo.
In a busy environment with 737s operating on the same runway, the lovely view with Poole in the background, the sea not too far and Isle of Wight somewhere on the South-East, we had enough to be kept entertained as we were also trying to catch every bit of the ATC communications at the same time.

I should be back in the air again tomorrow, formation flight on a Bulldog along the South-Coast.
Keep tuned, more to come soon !


kayte_g123 said...

You got to do a backseat flight!!Very cool!!

LJ35 said...

14 months without any flight in a light aircraft ??? What a strange idea !!