Friday, 16 October 2009

Meet & Greet and ATPL hard work

We had our Meet & Greet this tuesday with all the flight and ground instructors at the Bournemouth Flying Club.
Good opportunity to meet the other guys from the school, past students, and the people from the Flying Club.
As the local bar/pub is just next to the taxiway leading to runway 26, we could see from very close the various aircraft operating at Bournemouth airport, 737s, Beechcraft 76, Piper Seneca, Mystere 20, Falcon, ... and even smell the delicious kerosene odour. Awesome feeling, pilots know what I mean for sure!

The ATPL is going well so far, workload is gradually increasing but that's still manageable.
Anyway, I'm really enjoying it, learning new stuff about bigger aeroplanes is really exciting.
We seem to settle down at about 33 hours of lectures per week, and as I bought a car shared with two other people, we save about an hour every day as we used to take a bus and walk to go to BCFT centre.

I put some pictures from the Meet & Greet and the ATPL books ...
And that's only 5 out of 14 folders for each of the 14 subjects.


kayte_g123 said...

Hope you had fun meeting all new peeople. Sounds like so much fun getting to watch the airplanes.
Great post!

LJ35 said...

Va y avoir du boulot mon gars ! Bon courage ! :-)