Saturday, 8 May 2010

Arrived in America

After something like 22 hours of travel, I finally arrived in San Diego, CA.

I took the BA flight to London from Toulouse, a BA 777 to Chicago and connecting flight with American Airlines to San Diego Int.

I'm going to spend the next two and a half months over here doing my hours building before starting my CPL back in England in August.
I went to San Diego FSDO (FAA) on thursday to get my US certificate, which allows me to fly in the States under the same privileges I have as a Private Pilot in Europe. I currently have the temporary certificate and will get the US licence within the next three months.

I went flying the same day on the Cessna 172 N3386E. I must say, it was quite an enjoyable flight, and the Californian landscapes are definitely worth the sight!
We took off on Runway 28L, went into Bravo airspace over San Diego Int (Lindbergh) airport, flew over downtown San Diego heading towards the Bay, landed on Brown Airport 1 mile North of the border with Mexico, and did some circuits there.

Cessna 86Echo, request North-East bound departure", and as we leave Brown airspace, we contact 122.75, the Air-to-Air frequency.
"San Diego South-East, Cessna 86 Echo over Otay Lake at 2500, heading North-East bound towards San Miquel, San Diego South-East".

We went over Mont Helix in the El Cajon area (home of the busy Gillespie airfield), picked up the ATIS and contacted Montgomery TWR. "Cessna 3386E, 1 mile East of Lake Murray at 2600, with Hotel, inbound full stop landing". Cleared to land on 28L, and taxi to Gibbs apron.
We could hear and see the USAF F18 on downwind at Miramar AFB (where the movie Top Gun was filmed), it is indeed a great location.

Overall, I find the RT (RadioTelephony) to be easier than that in Europe, it is clearer and the calls are generally shorter. In the next few flights with the Flight Instructor, we're going to fly under Flight Following which is something we do not have in Europe.
Will follow some very interesting flights that will take me to the likes of Catalina Island, LA, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and many more other places as part of the time building.


Sandra said...

I really love your pics!!! It makes me wanna fly too...^^

Seb said...

Very nice blog!

Andrew said...

Is your exchange part of your school program, and how many hours will you build while over here?

Richard said...

fantastic blog, amazing pictures well done!

LJ35 said...

Have fun ! :-)