Saturday, 15 May 2010

Getting to know the San Diego area

I've been flying everyday this week and that feels just great. I'm now based at Montgomery Field just a few miles North-East of San Diego International.

We've mostly been practicing the R/T which can get fairly busy in the area. Montgomery alone is home of 250,000 aircraft movements a year, operating on three paved runways, between two Class Bravo on a corridor that goes from the Coast to El Cajon (San Diego East).
North of Montgomery is MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station) Miramar, and not far on the South-West side San Diego Int and further South San Diego NAS (Naval Air Station) North Island. There is a VFR corridor that goes overhead Lindbergh (San Diego Int) to further south on the bay, but as a a way of getting used to Flight Following, we've been doing that with Socal Approach. They basically give us heading, altitude and squawk code for the transit until we get to our destination.

We got the chance to overfly the three active US aircraft-carriers, the bay, and do a VFR transition along the coast "at or below 500ft".


LJ35 said...

Ca donne envie ! :-)

Profites !!!

tomatosalad said...

Nice, nice, nice!!! Hâte d'y être

Kayte said...

Flying everyday is awesome. You're so lucky!! The pictures you took while flying a great :D