Sunday, 2 May 2010

ATPL theoretical part completed

As we got into a great chaos due to the Islandic ash cloud over Europe, our exams results kind of got delayed and I've heard some exams had to be remarked.
We ended up having the results almost a week after that expected.
I passed all my 14 exams first time with an average of 92% and this puts an end to six month of theoretical course and revisions.

From now on, almost everything in the course is going to be practical.
I flew about 6 hours during my time in France and renewed my PPL for the second time in 4 years.

I'm flying to California in two days, I've got my FAA appointment on thursday and first flights in the States in about a week time.


LJ35 said...

Congrats ! Va falloir rebosser PoF et Air Law, un peu ! :-p

Kayte said...

You did exellent on your exams!! Keep up the good work, especialy when in the States. Have a safe flight there and have fun!
Great pics by the way :D